• Women in Kimono

    Women in Kimono

    I had the opportunity to shoot Tomoko again recently, this time dressed in kimono. There's such an artistic balance of feminine grace and striking power in a woman dressed in kimono that just radiates so much beauty.

    And here are some other women in kimono I've had the pleasure of taking photographs of.

    This is Rin.

    This is Mai.

    My sister-in-law Takako.

    My wife's cousin, Shoko at her wedding, here with her grandmother.

    Our daughter, Arisa for her 7-5-3 ceremony when she was 3.

    Our youngest daughter, Keina gets to dress up in a kimono next month for her 3rd birthday, so I'll post something after that shoot. But this was a shot of Keina in a different type of kimono.

    And of course, the love of my life, Ikuno. This photograph was taken by Mariko Tsunoda at our wedding in Sydney, September 2008. Aaah memories.