• Hej då Hayley!

    Hej då Hayley!

    A blog entry has been a long time coming for MFP. And it's been just as long since I've had a chance to properly work with my photography gear, now that we're back home in Brisbane. I really needed this to make sure I stay disciplined with my technique. I don't have access to my full arsenal as yet, so I kept it simple using only late afternoon natty-light with my 50mm and 85mm primes on the 5DII. And here are some of the results I'm pretty happy with.

    The model I worked with was a gorgeous young lady named Hayley. Behind that girl-next-door-look is an extremely academic university student, set to take the corporate world by storm. But before that, she's off to the other side of the world for a student-exchange in Sweden. Safe travels and Hej då Hayley!